Silver gelatin workshop at MSU co-taught with Satya.  This small group of fantastic students is shooting film with a Holga panoramic, a twin-lens reflex, and handmade pinhole cameras.  Some are using old negatives as well; in the second-to-last photo, Krupa poses with the childhood portrait she just printed!  It’s hard to find film here, so we’re also putting paper directly into our cameras and using that in the enlargers.

Thanksgiving in Baroda.  We returned from Udaipur today and made a feast with chicken curry, egg curry, citrus veggies, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and more.  Lee made the fabulous turkey decoration out of fruit and dyed toast!

Just returned from a three-day visit to Udaipur with fellow Fulbrighter Jay Kreimer and his project team Phoebe, Lee, and Ben.  It was great to see Rajasthan at last!

It’s the year of the cyanotype!  Here are some photos from my workshop at Chhaap.  Many thanks to Kavita Shah for inviting me there.

Hand-painted Gujarati signs.

Home studio improvisations - exposing prints on my balcony and tracing on the sunny window.

We had an exhibition of Alternative Photographic Process work at MSU right before the Diwali break — and we got some local press!

Exhibition of student work from my Alternative Photo Process workshop at NID.  Photos courtesy of Sachin Mhetre (#1) and Poornima Marh (#2 - 4).  I wish I could have been there for the exhibit, and am very proud of the students’ achievements.

More photos from the AltProcess workshop at NID.  Some of these photos were taken by my students.  (If you’re an NID student and see photos you took yourself, send me your full name so I can credit you properly!)

These photos are from the AltProcess workshop at NID a couple weeks ago.  It was great fun!  I had to leave unexpectedly — my traveling companion broke her ankle and tore a ligament — but the students made some awesome prints in our time together.  They also put up an exhibition after I left.